Company’s structure

The Head quarter

The Head quarter of Metcoal Trading S.A. is located in Geneva, Switzerland. The main goals are providing the team with innovative management strategies and motivating company’s personnel from different branches and divisions to satisfy customers from all over the world in the best way.

Core activities:

  • Strategic management;
  • Development and investment policy;
  • Global trade strategy;
  • International marketing coordination;
  • Finance;
  • Internal policy / motivation strategy;
  • Diversification of company’s activities.


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Kyiv Representative Office

Metcoal Trading S.A. has set up an international team in Kyiv which handles all aspects of company’s business, including export and industrial relations. Kyiv Representative Office is an operational desk of Metcoal Trading S.A.

Core activities:

  • Back office;
  • Logistic supervising;
  • Consumers consulting;
  • Business analysis;
  • Market research.

Forwarding and agency network

In order to satisfy Metcoal Trading S.A. customers and provide them with extra-class infrastructure services, company has its own network of forwarders and agents in Ukraine as on railway, the same as in ports. It allows company to have full control of its supply chain from producers to end-users.

Metcoal Trading S.A. operates in the ports of Black and Azov Seas such as Mariupol, Berdyansk, Nikolaev, Illychevsk and Izmail. This allows company to export goods to the markets of Europe, Middle East, South America and South Africa.

Metcoal Trading S.A. through its forwarding and agents facilities can provide consumers with following services:

  • Forwarding service of export, import and transit cargoes;
  • Freight of vessels;
  • Full agency service of vessels;
  • Custom broker service;
  • Development of logistic projects for transportation and economic calculation.

Moreover, the company offers to its customers following forwarding services on Ukrainian railway:

  • Logistics & consulting;
  • Railway scheduling and planning;
  • Dispatch supervision;

Also, Metcoal Trading S.A. has permanent representatives in Russia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.