METCOAL TRADING S.A. is the part of METCOAL S.A. group whose mission is world wide trading activities. The METCOAL Group of Companies specializes in wood processing, raw materials & commodities supply, mining operations, cement production, petroleum supply, coal cleaning, participation in gas field development and Russian gas transport system expansion and delivery and logistics systems. From 2009 company is acting as Metcoal Trading S.A.

Extensive experience in setting up and implementing international trading transactions and in bartering trade agreements.

METCOAL S.A. was founded and registered in Geneva, Switzerland on August 5, 1994. At the earliest stages of its activity the company focused on the global metal and coal trade. After a while, the company diversified its activities into hard and soft commodities. The company expanded its relationship network, through representative offices, subsidiaries and affiliated companies mostly based in CIS countries.

The company has developed its international contacts and has gained a solid reputation in the eyes of foreign partners. This was earned by finding creative solutions of industrial issues; running varied consulting services and by representing its clients' interests in commercial and financial markets in different countries.

During the years of its activities, the company, earned good credits among first-class American, European and Asian banks, and using all necessary credit facilities for its trading activities.

Skilled at negotiating contracts with corporations and governments.


While the company has diversified its trading activities greatly since its founding, the core business of the company is still coal trading, wood processing and cement production.

The company is a leading exporter and is known as a trustworthy partner and supplier of timber, steam coal and carbon related products, exporting goods to the markets of CIS countries, Europe, Middle East, South America and South Africa.

The company is collaborating and supplying supplying its products to end users and trading companies directly and indirectly all over the world and always wishes to extend its customer spectrum. The company has extensive potential which comprises highly professional and qualified team as well as production and technical resources of its enterprises.

Numerous high-level private and official contacts throughout the CIS, Eastern and Western Europe and the Middle-East.


In conditions of strong competition and in order to maintain competitive price levels, the Group, is paying great attention to transport cost minimization on all the stages of deliveries to end users. Therefore, close relations were set up with a biggest ship owners and freight operators; own forwarding and agency companies were set up in main Ukrainian ports; own railway forwarding company operates on the territory of Ukraine. Well organized infrastructure in Ukraine is a key point of the company’s success.